Monday, 1 December 2008

Are you fighting the internal Community battle?

Whenever you are working in a market research firm which has proprietary online panels, you may very well be working on an internal project right now trying to mover your online consumer panels to a more Web 2.0 sustainable environment: towards research communities, not plain panels.
You may encounter some internal resistance or perhaps road blocks and you may need a lot of energy and time to convert those who are not as up to speed on Web 2.0 as you are.  Should this apply, but probably also simply for those who are working on a business case on research communities I found a great training.  Today I came across a presentation by Joshua Rosh, VP of O'Reilly's InPractice in which he offers hands-on advice on how to start-up social technologies in your company.  His webcast basically is a field guide to bringing social technologies into any organization. The webcast will explore how to: 
  1. Make the case: how to bring Web 2.0 concepts into your organization (including convincing upper management)
  2. Fail Forward Fast: how to create effective pilot programs without losing your head (or your job)
  3. Spread the gospel: The key ingredients that make a successful Web 2.0 evangelist
Based on direct consulting experience, and with plenty of hands-on examples Joshua needs 40 minutes to share the do's and don'ts for all of you out there who are thinking to introduce social community services to your panels.  It's not focussed on our industry, but I think you'll get the idea and will easily be able to mirror the general best-practices and apply them to your research company.   After the 40 minute presentation, there is a 20 minute Q&A session. 

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  1. Thanks for pointing to this Emiel. I think online communities are changing the face of consumer research - I interviewed Francois Gossieaux recently regarding communities and online insight -- it is posted here and your audience might find it interesting.
    If people have any questions I am happy to address them as well.
    All the best,