Friday, 20 June 2008

World of Internet: mapping 1.4 billion internet users

I have prepared a map of the world, showing today's Internet penetration in all countries of the world.
The map below will not only give you an indication of the internet penetration per country, you'll also see:
  • the relative importance of the region on the internet
  • the average internet penetration in the region
  • broad band internet penetration in the top-15 countries
  • share of most important languages used on the internet

Should you wish to receive the original, just drop me line by clicking here and I'll be happy to forward you the high-quality powerpoint slide.

I used various sources, but the main source has been the often used Internet World Stats site.

I hope you'll be able to use it.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Analysing the online Buzz around the US Candidates

Jeremiah Owyang -- Senior Web Strategist at Forrester Research -- posted some interesting graphs that analyse the buzz around the presidential candidates in the US. Using various free social media tools, he recorded some data using tools early June, that look at keywords on twitter, as well as ‘traffic’ to websites of the presidential runners.
"...I rarely place much weight in any single use of these tools, but there is a clear trend towards Obama getting a great deal of activity. Is this telltale to the future? I’m not sure..."
I really like the examples he comes up with and you should definitively visit the original post here. One example I'll give you here below

Now he makes the comment on how one always end up what you pay for (basically his examples are all tools that are free) he and I share at least one thing in common (and I mentioned it also in a previous post here) those researchers who seriously think they'll be in the business of delivering added value to clients must be familiar with these new types of graphing research results and we should all make an effort to seriously think how these tools can be improved so that they'll be of added value to our customers.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

MRS Research 2.0 Conference - London

On Tuesday the 16th of September this year, the MRS will hold the 4th annual online research conference using "Research 2.0" mantra.

This is from their website:

The massive growth in web 2.0-based internet sites has created a new and empowered online consumer. No longer a passive information seeker; consumers are now active participants on the web, creating and publishing content at will. Increasingly, this presents new challenges for market research professionals in a more complex and dynamic research universe with far more data to manage. But change brings opportunity for economic growth as brands increasingly want to use web-based marketing as a source of revenue. And market researchers are responding through the use of different methodologies to find out what works best, where.

As a market research professional, how do you respond to the world of virtual research? How do you get to communicate with your end-audience through multi-digital channels? The 4th annual online research conference is a must-attend. The agenda has been further developed to help you steer your way through the many emerging models and research techniques to continually find the best way to apply them a growing on-line community.

Research Conferences has already run three ‘sell-out’ events on this subject. Attending delegates will gain knowledge of real life case studies and practical, applicable learnings, plus excellent networking opportunities with some of the though leaders from the online research industry. Keep you one step ahead of a fast moving digital game, captivate consumers and delve deeper than before.

Book before 15 August to ensure your place and receive your Early Bird Discout

16 September 2008 Novotel St Pancras, London