Friday, 24 October 2008

LinkedIn to Provide B2B Sample

In case you missed the latest Daily Research News on MrWeb, yesterday they posted an article about LinkedIn.
You can find the original here.
It comes down to LinkedIn's initiative to provide a primary research service to help market researchers gain market intelligence from their database of more than 30 million members. By searching on any combination of qualifications, company, industry, title, expertise and keywords, clients will be able to profile industry experts who meet specific criteria.
‘LinkedIn overcomes quality and authenticity issues that other sample providers face,’ said Dan Shapero, Director of Business Services, LinkedIn.
I've seen Shapero asking for ideas on some of the groups onLinkedIn (like the Market Research Professional Group). He started discussions with his question on how LinkedIn can help researchers to be more effective. 'We'd really appreciate any thoughts that you have on using LinkedIn to reach B2B sample to conduct market research , to collaborate with researchers and to share best practices ' He explains.
Well I must say he's giving us the perfect example on how to use that professional social network!

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