Wednesday, 17 December 2008

v2.0 of Market Research 2.0

Another year has gone by and 2009 is around the corner.  
Colin Stein Director of Marketing at ResponseTek made me aware of the fact that whenever you google for "market research 2.0" my post of a year ago still pops-up first.  So he asked quite rightly in a comment: 
...has the Market Research 2.0 discussion not been followed up by further discussion? 
Hasn't it? 
He continues in his comment: 
... The legacy of market research is one of batch-based results, organizational silos of information, and executive analysis with little or no connection to the front-line. Your definition opens up the idea of research to the community, and the use of contemporary tools to enable real-time insight collection and knowledge sharing...
So what has changed over the past 12 months.  Well, Collin does give some insight into the answer:
 ... customer experience management and enterprise feedback management software [...] has forced an acknowledgement of the validity of customer feedback as primary data.  
He's quite right!  And much to my delight he adds a prediction for 2009 
... I suspect large organizations will start to see that there actually is something called Market Research 2.0 to embrace and endorse. 
In my original post of  November 2007  I expressed my disappointment  about how at that time Wikipedia decided that the definition I added to Wikipedia had to be removed since it was an "unremarkable neologism ",  Collin's comment almost made me repost it again, but he ends by asking the question which actually needs no answer: we need Wikipedia's permission first...?
Let me -- in a next post -- digg into what 2009 may bring us.  Until that post, send me a mail or post a comment if you have ideas on what 2009 will bring to the Market Research industry.

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