Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Online Card Sort software

(Yes I am back from the summer break...!)
As always I am very interested in the new (and sometimes free) tools that are made available online that may make our lives easier as researchers. See other posts here, here or here. While some of you researchers may still have a hard time of getting a more basic "drag-'n-drop" feature programmed in your online questionnaire, there now online programs like Optimalsort and WebSort that allow card-sorting online. Create a study, send a link to participants, and analyze the results- all through a web-based interface.
The two companies do not really offer the tool for free -- the guys need to make a living -- yet they do have a "pay-for-use" scheme. Check them out and play a bit if you have a moment...

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  1. Another online card sorting tool to check out.