Monday, 3 December 2007

Dutch have highest internet usage of EU

I guess we Dutch knew this already of course, but it nice to see it confirmed by Brussels: the Dutch are the #1 online users in terms of internet penetration in Europe as well as in Broadband connections! No country in the European Union has as many connections as the Netherlands. This became clear from figures of European statistic office Eurostat this Monday. In the Netherlands 83% of the households has a connection with the web. The EU average lay on 54 % in the first trimester of 2007. The lowest Internet-penetration is found in Bulgaria (19 %). Holland also stands first in terms of the highest the number of connections with fast Internet, like ADSL and cable: 74%. The EU average is 42%. We also use the Internet the most for telephone services (VOIP) : 25% against 15 of other Europeans. Below a "heat-map" for Europe as I use it at work.

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