Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Market Researchers to Follow on Twitter

There are all sorts of ways to find relevant people to follow on Twitter, but what better way than to use your network and share with all other researchers which Market Researchers are worth a follow on Twitter?
So as of today I am compiling a long-list of research professionals who you could follow, should you be on Twitter.
Now, of course this doesn't mean everyone below tweets about research 24/7, what you can expect though is that everyone on the list below is up for a chat about research and they're nice considerate people. They give out great links and aren't too fussed if you amble down the personal-interest lane once and a while.
Drop me a line if you want someone added, but please mind the following; the list should contain:
  • Actual market researcher professionals, I mean real people (so no organisations or companies like @Toluna or @TNS);
  • People who mainly twitter in English language; and
  • Those who mostly tweet about market / marketing research
Your nominations can be sent to my via Twitter: @emiel1 or send an e-mail or leave a comment below.
Here is the list (last updated: 26 April 2009 - 17:36 GMT)
  • @alisonmacleod - UK - Researcher - Following 49 and 36 followers - 1st tweet: July 2008
  • @berniceklaassen - Singapore - Head of TNS Interactive in Singapore - Following 126 and 79 followers - 1st tweet: November 2008
  • @ccsavage - UK - Christopher Savage - Researcher - Following 458 and 381 followers - 1st tweet: December 2008
  • @comerpatrick - USA - Patrick Comer SVP business development at OTX - Following 71 and 106 followers - 1st tweet: April 2008
  • @communispaceceo - USA - Diane Hessan - CEO of Communispace a Research Community Software Provider - Following 2112 and 2603 followers - 1st tweet: April 2008
  • @cristi_popa - Qualitative Researcher at Yellow Submarine research - Following 535 and 252 Followers - 1st tweet: October 2008
  • @curiouslyp - UK - Simon Kendrick - Researcher at Essential Research and previously worked at ITV and GfK NOP Media - following 234 and 244 followers - 1st tweet: Nov 2006
  • @duey23 - USA - Brian LoCicero - Director Client Relations - Kantar Operations - Following 63 and 46 followers - 1st tweet: June 2008
  • @emiel1 - Netherlands - Emiel van Wegen - Researcher at Synovate - most tweets are in English - most tweets are Research 2.0 related - following 395 and 515 followers - 1st tweet: November 2007
  • @ericsalama - Following 33 and 425 followers - 1st tweet: February 2009
  • @insightsgal - USA - Researcher - Works for a tradeshow and publishing company - Following 531 and 468 followers - 1st tweet: August 2007
  • @jeffreypeel - UK - Managing Director Quadriga Market Research and Communications Consultancy - Following 322 and 203 followers - March 2009
  • @jennibeattie - Australia - Director at Digital Democracy - Following 365 and 377 followers - May 2007
  • @jhenning - USA - Jeffrey Henning - Vovici - Geek since before Geeks were Chic - tweets focus on research communities and customer feedback - Following 1132 and 948 Followers - 1st tweet: July 2008
  • @joelrubinson - USA - Chief Research Officer at the ARF - Following 632 and 574 followers - 1st tweet: September 2008
  • @john_clay_r4 - UK - market research consultant specialising in energy - Following 375 and 314 followers - 1st tweet: October 2008
  • @johngriffiths7 - UK - Researcher - Following 60 and 181 Followers - 1st tweet: June 2007
  • @katetribe - Australia - Quantitative Researcher Tribe Research- Following 869 and 867 Followers - 1st tweet: October 2007
  • @kumeugirl - Singapore - Lee Ryan - Qualitative Director AP, LATAM, Middle East and Africa at TNS - tweets about ethnography and qual - Following 146 and 128 followers - 1st tweet: January 2009
  • @lovestats - USA - Annie Pettit - Statistician and Researcher and active blogger on MR - former VP Online Panel Analytics at Ipsos - Following 1873 and 1151 followers - 1st tweet: January 2009
  • @mattrhodes - UK - Works at Fresh Networks - specializes in online communities and social media - Following 2155 and 2027 followers - 1st tweet: March 2008
  • @mikemacleod - USA - Market Researcher at Lightspeed, previously at Harris Interactive - Following 1693 and 1908 followers - 1st tweet: May 2007
  • @montenegror - USA - Multifaceted Market Researcher at Black Mountain - Following 314 and 229 Followers - January 2009
  • @mrheretic - Market Research Deathwatch - an anonymous tweeter - mostly cynical but interesting pov on the MR industry - Following 37 and 96 followers - 1st tweet: January 2009
  • @ogaudemar - USA - Olivier de Gaudemar - SVP Online Community at OTX - Following 138 and 268 followers - 1st tweet: December 2006
  • @paulbanas - USA - so far the one and only representation of the client-side, Paul is a market researcher at Kraft Foods - Following 95 and 66 followers - 1st tweet: January 2008
  • @raypoynter - UK - Director at the Future Place - frequent speaker at MR conferences on Market Research 2.0 and winner of ESOMAR best paper award - following 136 and 187 followers - 1st tweet: December 2007
  • @researchrants - another anonymous researcher and partner in crime of @mrheretic - blogs frequently about Greenfield - in a glass half empty way - new tweeter and most tweets are on MR - Following 32 and 146 followers - 1st tweet: March 2009
  • @researchrocks - USA - Kathryn Korostoff - Research Entrepreneur and founder of Research Rockstar, a market research training company and new on Twitter - Following 42 and 84 followers - 1st tweet: February 2009
  • @rscionti - USA - Richard Scionti - Global CTO for Harris Interactive and former SVP Solution Services at TNS - Following 145 and 175 followers - 1st tweet: December 2008
  • @tomewing - UK - Social Media Knowledge Leader at Kantar Ops - 297 and 405 Followers - 1st Tweet - June 2008
  • @tomderuyck - Belgium - Connected Research Manager - Insites Consulting -Following 152 and 160 followers - 1st tweet: October 2007
  • @tomhcanderson - USA - Tom Anderson - next generation researcher and former employee of TNS NFO - Following 948 and 672 followers - 1st tweet: October 2007
  • @vincenthofmann - South-Africa - Qualitative Researcher at Submarine former employee at Synovate - Tweets on all different topics, but also on MR - Following 416 and 522 followers - 1st tweet: October 2008
  • @zebrabites - Australia - Qualitative research director at Zebra - Following 372 and 639 Followers - 1st tweet: June 2008


  1. Off the top of my head:

    @CommunispaceCEO is a real person.

    @ericsalama doesn't always tweet about research but he's infrequent enough that he won't spam you.

    @ZebraBites is a real person too and one of the best research tweeters out there, though she puts a lot of personal stuff in too.

    @ResearchRants and @MRHeretic offer a more scathing perspective.

    @ResearchRocks and @InsightsGirl usually have good links.

    @MikeMacleod is well connected but seems not to tweet as much these days.

    And of course there's me - @tomewing - I tweet a lot, and not all about MR, but there's a good deal of MR content in there. And of course I think it's good :)

  2. Oh and how could I forget @curiouslyp who is excellent in content and links!

    I find a lot of the time the most inspirational research-related tweets come from planners or academics - sign of the times I guess.

  3. More fail - I forgot @alisonmacleod who always contributes really smart stuff to MR conversations - definitely in my top 5.

  4. Jenni Beattie15 April, 2009

    @raypoynter is well worth a follow


  5. Ooohhhh! Thanks for the link!

    : )

    I think you should add @emielvanwegen to the list!
    : P

    Another nomination for @alisonmacleod and one for;

  6. My fab5 MR twitterers are @katetribe @zebrabites @tomewing @montenegror and @mattrhodes

    2 new nominations there. @mattrhodes - great info re online communities, nice chap too. @montenegror - excellent posts on hispanic communities in the US, really friendly

    @katetribe @zebrabites @tomewing - super intelligent, love what they do, always up for a chat, mint researchers

    Go, go, power MR!

  7. Second, third, etc. @communispaceCEO

  8. I've been on Twitter about a fortnight (alisonmacleod) - finding lots more people from this post!

    So far I've found these three really interesting, but I'm adding more to the list every day. Thanks for the nomination. :-)


  9. Thanks for sharing these - always looking to connect with fellow market researchers. While my tweets tend to be less MR in nature, I do occasionally post articles related to my clients' fields (CPG and Pharma). @jenniferbylok

  10. I took a break from Tweeting as we just had a baby. I'm back now and better than ever!


    Others to follow:


    More to follow

  11. Congratulations Mike! :) Sorry I doubted yr tweeting endurance!

  12. Wow, thanks for the nod! Did some cross-checking and all my faves are on your list. Thanks for posting - I'll be following many new Tweeple today!

  13. I also forgot @rscionti - good on MR tech.

  14. Thanks Mike for the nod! My tweets are neither regular or really targeted at MR. You'll hear more about movies, music and surf...

  15. @JeffreyPeel is one of the most influential social media focused researchers and consultants in the UK

  16. It's shaping up to be a fine list! Such a great initiative.

    : )

    Don't want to grumble, but is the list *really* headed to "top 10"/rankingsville? Not a fan of those kind of lists.

    I think the current list (alphabetical order rather than ranked) is just so useful as it is!

    : P

  17. Totally agree with Katie (not only because she mentioned me - but thanx anyway!), and I am happy about every research-connection on twitter I can get.

    I would add @almen78 - she is at Ciao in Munich and posts interesting things not only in the research line. Maybe she starts posting more in English when on this list ;-)

  18. This is a great question. Thanks! I'd like to add my tweets to the list @innovant2003

  19. Is it too bold to nominate myself? I hope it does not offend the principles behind this plan.

    @billhanifin is a real person. That's me. In the course of building strategic marketing plans for clients, my firm conducts research in Loyalty Marketing, Millennial Marketing, and related topics. I will have a new report on how retailers, airlines, and hoteliers use email to communicate with their rewards members in the next 30 days.

    I work across geographies and currently have projects in the US, LAC,and EU. This enables broader insight.

    I am passionate about the space and would like to be considered for this list.

    Bill Hanifin

  20. Katherine Canipelli17 April, 2009

    I'm following Bill's lead on nominating myself.

    @kvcanipelli is also a real person. Moi. My firm, marketingFOLIO, concentrates on industrial B2B market strategy--which involves a wide range of primary research that we conduct for clients, including competitive intel, market sizing and analysis, brand audits, and customer experience surveys. Our vertical niche is supply chain, logistics and transportation -- but our clients include service providers, technology firms, professional services firms and equipment manufacturers.

    We have worked primarily in the US, but our clients are taking us where they're doing business (the world).

    Your consideration would be appreciated.

    Katherine Ventres Canipelli

  21. @kumeugirl is great - she's a qualitative researcher based somewhere in the Far East; has a terrific blog; and discusses ethnography and suchlike.

  22. @communispaceceo is great. She's a regular tweeter about market research and current events. You get a sense of the whole person. She and her company have recently started a great blog which the new CEO of General Motors, Fritz Henderson responded to on day two or something. It's worth checking into. Some really cool and interesting bloggers.

  23. @thopeross is the VP of Research and Social Media at Mom Central Consulting, she's got great insights and original research about moms and tech.

  24. @communispaceCEO is amazing. Not only is she interesting to follow, but completely accessible. She connected me to the right people in her organizations minutes after I sent her a direct message.

    New to the game, but soon to be a force will be @belleresearch - Belle Frank of Y&R. Someone else clearly missing from this list is @johngerzema author of the Brand Bubble, also of Y&R

  25. Diane Hessan17 April, 2009

    Thanks to everyone for the support. I'm in the middle of writing about my "Twitter Experiment", and meanwhile, Emiel, I vote for YOU! Best, Diane Hessan (@communispaceceo)

  26. @millerlibrarian Researcher in Distance Education

  27. if i can add my humble nomination, @ekolsky, I research and write about feedback, surveys, customer experience, customer service, etc.

    check out my blog for more bio info.

  28. ... and my humble nomination, @mgrey. My tweets follow e-messaging, social media/communications and collaboration. Awarded spot 48 in Technobabble 2.0's top 100 analyst twitters (

    All-time great research twitter, of course, is Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang.

  29. Try @John_Clay_R4 . Thats me and I post on MR with specific reference to energy efficiency, sustainability and other green stuff.

  30. Emiel, if you're set on ranking I wonder if it's not worth putting two lists together - a top ten (which is likely to be dominated by the big names) and maybe a top ten "Rising Stars" - people with less than 100 or 200 followers who've still got votes.

    When I've seen these lists put together before they tend to have a self-fulfilling prophecy element to them: people with lots of followers top the lists, get more followers, and so on. It would be a shame for some of the less well-known contributors on this list to miss out.

  31. Great idea and a great list. I've already found some interesting new voices in market research to follow.

    If you'd like to add a client side market researcher from Kraft Foods to the mix, I Twitter @paulbanas and blog at

  32. Anonymous11 May, 2009

    @Lindiwe Matlali SA, MD of South Africa's first eye tracking research company.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

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