Friday, 1 February 2008

The real professional respondent? Bloggers!

"I believe bloggers and their ideas.
They are my friends and will tell me the truth,
unlike advertisements..."
an anonymous online respondent
We all know that consumers are controlling the online environment. Brands need to think about facilitating user-created actions and the Spanish start-up company Bloguzz may have found a valuable way of facilitating this.
Market research solution for analysing blog content have been around for quite some time now. One of the more known tools is Nielsen's BuzzMetrics. But companies to market their products by using bloggers who test and evaluate their products, that's an entire different ball game.
The Spanish blog of Netquest made me aware of Bloguzz. They link bloggers who enjoy writing about new products and services on their blog with brands who'll give them products and services to test. Even better, the company also ranks the blogs (in terms of popularity) helping their customers to distinguishing the real important blogs. On top, Bloguzz emphasizes that certain code of conduct exist with bloggers interested to guide “the conversation” on blogs. So Bloguzz is actually facilitate what today is already being done by some media agencies and PR companies.
Once companies start "incentivizing" consumers to post biased opinions on their blogs, I guess we could call them the real professional respondents...

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